RCA Forward Together
Will YOU be a part of helping RCA change lives?
Through the FORWARD TOGETHER campaign we hope to meet some of our school's most urgent and critical facility needs. For example, we desperately need to eliminate the use of the rented portables that are costing the school about $30,000 per year to lease. Last summer's remodeling and brick work was just the beginning of a long list of improvements that need to be made to our facilities. It is imperative that we position ourselves for future growth. We must provide the space today to insure a prosperous tomorrow.

At RCA, it's all about touching lives. This campaign is not just about brick and mortar- it is about people. People matter! It is our desire and passion to influence and impact young lives. We know through the educational process we help shape minds, worldviews, values, and priorities. Many of the beliefs and values that we hold to as adults were formulated in these early years of school. We understand these early years of school are critical in the shaping of not only the mental growth of a student, but also the spiritual growth. We understand and take seriously the fact that we help shape the culture and spiritual climate for generations to come.
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